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As a member of ‘GLOBALG.A.P’ and participant in the ‘Farming for the Futureconcepts, we aim to keep delivering the best quality of fresh produce while creating sustainable farming practices to secure food for many generations to come.


Some of how we commit to caring for our environment include:

  • All plant waste is taken to the compost heap and left to decompose for future use

  • Processes are followed for the recycling of our pesticide cans

  • The use of organic and commercial fertilisers are less harmful to nature and the produce we grow

  • In most of our fields growing crops we make use of hired beehives in pollination time, and take special precaution that all pesticides used must be ‘bee-friendly.’

  • These pesticides are approved to be non-hazardous to the environment as well as to our staff members - who are not permitted to use these chemicals without the correct safety gear

  • We endeavour not to ‘overuse’ our lands by cautiously preparing the soil and to make sure we don’t cause compacting of the soil.  We only plant on the same land every third year

  • The use of drip irrigation on all our crops to ensure water-wise usage considering that water is a precious source of life and our most important commodity

  • Shade nets protect our tomatoes from hail damage and help to decrease evaporation

  • By following the direction of the latest advances we can bring new and better varieties to the market, with sustainable practices that see these new cultivars setting the standard for healthy eating in South Africa


At Marlo Seedlings we aim to test and develop new varieties that use less water and are more ‘pest-resistant’ to decrease our usage of both of these elements. Following stringent health, protocols result in our seedling nursery being one of a few around the country that promises cleanliness and hygiene.


To deliver healthy food products and enough produce to satisfy a growing nation, it is imperative to follow sustainable Agricultural principles. These guidelines protect the environment, public health, communities and animals for the immediate and future years to come.


We, as the Marlo family are passionate about implementing best farming practices. We can proudly state that our packhouse takes the utmost care, delivering fruit and vegetables that are packed by following strict hygiene procedures.


In a world driven by technology and innovation, we endeavour to stay on top of the latest developments to ensure sustainable farming, meet demands regarding quality and quantity, and to always think about our end user… YOU.  

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We’d like to hear from you… contact us at MW de Wet and Sons with any questions or comments.

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