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In 1993 a group of 10 farmers from various provinces gathered to explore the possibility of growing roses in tunnels and exporting the product to different countries. Through hard work and many learning curves, Marlo Roses was formed, and in 1994 the first sale across borders was facilitated.


The Marlo Roses division, managed by Louis de Wet and his team, supplies roses to local entities such as Multiflora. It is also marketed through Uniflo to bulk suppliers, such as Woolworths.


We are constantly growing our variety of roses, through regular international travels to leading rose breeders and by keeping up to date with the latest advancements. Marlo is proud to be growers that help to test various varieties of roses for specific Dutch breeders. 


Marlo Roses are expertly grown in temperature controlled greenhouses through cooling with a pad and fan system in summer, and heating with a boiler in winter. This ensures we can supply the best quality fresh roses all year round. Roses are cut two to three times a day during the summer months and once or twice a day in winter. Cut roses are then transported and stored in a cold room for 24 hours at a temperature of between two and four degrees. After being chilled for a day the roses are then packed according to orders placed by Woolworths, Uniflo and other local suppliers. The balance of the roses is sent to Multiflora flower market in Johannesburg.



At Marlo Roses, our secret is to combine our extensive knowledge of growing roses in South Africa with the best variety for our climate.


Our roses, which are grown in greenhouses, are graded according to bud size, bud opening as well as the length of the stem. These roses need to be in pristine condition – no bruising, no sign of pests or diseases which ensures we deliver a superior brand of cut roses in South Africa.


Roses that are of substandard quality are either sold as fresh rose petals or as second grade to the market.


With a staff complement of 182, these workers are trained by management on either cutting or grading of roses. Our experienced workforce in the Marlo Roses division handpick and quality control each and every rose sold by us.


Specialists ensure our roses receive the correct nurturing through carefully analysing water and soil. We use intelligent technology, the Priva watering and climate control system, to perfect the amount of fertiliser and water needed per variety and per the elements on a daily basis.


With an integrated pest management approach, the use of predatory insects controls the spider mite, aphid and whitefly population. This method means we use fewer insecticides, while the pesticides used do not harm predators in the greenhouse. Thorough research has been conducted by the necessary authorities in South Africa to make sure these predatory species cause no harm to people or our indigenous flora and fauna.


As a proud member of ‘Farming for the Future’, we strictly follow their guidelines in order to supply roses to our clients in a manner that is sustainable. We take all of our actions into consideration, being mindful of the effects they have on both our staff and the environment.


All steps have been taken to produce the best quality roses with the least amount of negative impact on the earth.